7 Inch tablets

Are you fascinated with this new word tablet nowdays. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas produced a lot of Tablet News, especially in the 7 inch tablets arena. A host of different companies promising to the 7 inch form factor.

The BaSlate 7R

7 Inch Tablet

With the early success of some of the noticable brand tablet manufacturers almost every brand stooped into this 7 inch fray.

Detractors had long said that the 7-inch form factor does not represent a significant enough improvement over a smartphone to justify its existence, and that its greater mobility over a 10-inch tablet is not worth the loss of usability. But, the show in Las Vegas truly gave its accolades to these 7 inch tablet computers because of the low price attached to them. Although few of the well known tablet pc manufacturers discontinued their 7 inch tablet pcs, the perception has started to change with the Google’s Android operating system has made it easy for these low cost tablet pc manufacturers.

Betting on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Google operating system geared for both smartphones and tablets, this years Consumer Electronics Show showcased more of these tablets based on Android Operating than the ones running on Windows 7 operating system. Google says that any application written in the new OS will work equally well on a smartphone with a 3-inch display and a tablet sporting a 10-inch display.

All in all these smaller tablets are a good pure or jacket-pocket device. Who knows? There might eventually come a time when tablet consumers get to really choose their own personalized form factor, custom-sized in quarter-inch increments.

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