Capacitive Touchscreen and Resistive Touchscreen in Tablets

Now that we no what a tablet pc means, lets move on to the feature that has made this tablet technology even possible. The touch screen. This unique feature of the tablets make them what they are today. A user friendly and more responsive piece of gizmo.


Touchscreen Tablets

Touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can sense the presense and location of a touch with the display area. Lets discuss about the most talked about touchscreen technologies that have different methods of sensing touch. The resistive and capacitive touchscreens.

Resistive Touchscreen

These are constructed from two layers of materials with a very small space between them. These kind of screens basically work on pressure. When you push the first layer the pressure is applied on the layer beneath it thus registering a touch. As it works on pressure it can act responsively to a passive object like a stylus. It can also work with fingernails or a gloved finger. This makes it very use full for handwriting and other high precision functions. These are also preffered in cold weather places where the users have to cover themselves completely and even wear a glove to cover their hands.

resistive tabletSome of the disadvantages of resistive touchscreens include its inability to support multi-touch gestures, its poor visibility in direct sunlight and its lesser durability. the top layer of this type of screen is made up of soft, flexible material which can be damaged easily than glass. It also needs to be recalibrated time to time.

Capacitive Touchscreen

Capacitive touchscreens is made up of glass and is coated with a transparent conductor which helps it register a touch whenever it comes in contact with a conductive object. They are highly responsive and as they do not require any pressure to register a touch. Even the slightest touch will activate the screen.

capacitive touch screen tabletThe disadvantages of capacitive touchscreen are with the typing accuracy. As they are considered capable of of faster typing, given the sensitivity of these screens there are chances of increased typos and the amount of space between keys will deeply affect the typing accuracy. They are also quite expensive compared to the resistive touchscreens.


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