Top 5 free games for Android

As Android phones and tablets are increasing in popularity, the number of apps available for the platform has rocketted. That means increase in the number of free games for Android.

Android Games

Android Games

So we thought to list out some of the best available games for this extremely popular Android platform.

The top 5 Android games according to the data collected from various sources could be found below:

1. Angry Birds

The most amazingly popular IOS game moved to Android quite a while ago, earning above two million downloads during its first weekend of availability.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Unlike the Apple release, with the maker Rovio the Android version of this game is free.
Angry Birds for Android was intially available for download from app store GetJar but now it is also available through Google Play.

2. Cheese Tower

Cheese tower is one of the latest in the line of physics games. Being quite similar to Super Tumble it also requires you to break certain blocks while making sure the “important” ones land on the platform.

Cheese Tower

Cheese Tower

The little kid in you will definitely miss those cartoon freeky tom and jerry days so the whole cat and mouse theme of this android game will soothe him.

3. Pocket Soccer

Pocket Soccer is quite similar to the popular board game Button Football. The soccer theme mixed with fun physics makes it a amazingly addictive game. The graphics are simple, but the game looks amazing.

Pocket Soccer

Pocket Soccer

The gameplay is smooth and the physics are very good as well. Music is only played while you are in the main menu and the very realistic cheering crowed replaces it during the game.

4. NinJump

As you go through the process of finding it on the market, then downloading and installing it, and finally playing it, your inner awesome-o-meter (no South Park joke intended) gets filled until it is finally full and you utter in a cool guy voice the word “Awesome”.



This game will pleaseantly surprise you by the graphics as the game is beautifully drawn down to the last detail while keeping in mind the Japanese theme of the game.

5. Draw Something Free

The ever popular social drawing and guessing game on Android is another recomendation.

Draw Something Free

Draw Something Free

Experience laugh out loud game your friends are raving about for yourself. This is a pick you need to have this season. This is available for download at the Google play as well.


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