Top 5 android apps available

The ever flourishing android market is inundated with hordes of apps with many more on the way. Manufacturers are even loading their devices with several apps, especially as seen in the lightly priced tablets that entered the Indian market recently.

Android Apps

Android Apps Screen in Tablets

Several apps have managed to sustain their position in this market and are still among the favourites, when others got replaced in a while. So we dug into this vast market to explore what could make it to our list of Top 5 Android apps. Picking our favourite apps, across categories like, productivity, utility, photography, social and few other miscellaneous apps, here’s our list of the Top 5 Android apps.

1. QuickOffice Pro

This turns out to be on top of our list compared to the other Office apps available at the Android market. The office suite is well suited for jobs like creating, editing and sharing Microsoft files.

Quickoffice Pro

Quickoffice Pro

It includes a PDF viewer, and file manager which works endlessly with email attachments, cloud storage accounts and local files allowing to work on as well as offline. Managing documents, presentations and spreadsheets, viewing PDF gets very much easier. It also lets you access files remotely from Google Docs, Dropbox and more.

2. Dropbox

The services offered by this website is well known to everybody and the app version of it makes it all the more mobile for Android users. It makes all your docs, photos and videos accessible from anywhere and the service is free.


Dropbox App

On installing the app on your computer, the file saved on Dropbox is automatically saved to your computer and Android device. The app also allows users to edit docs in Dropbox and save e-mail attachments.

3. BBC News

While most of them felt that BBC’s Android iPlayer app is a bit disappointing, the corporation’s BBC News app is much more refined. The grid-based front page makes it very stylish, plus it enables you to swipe from left to right to switch between stories of the chosen category.

BBC News App

BBC News App

The updated version also has a couple of Home screen widgets and the ability to submit your own news tips, as if the BBC was a small blog clamouring for content.

4. WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android started out as independent creation wpToGo, before WordPress decided it liked it so much it bought it up – hiring the maker to develop it in-house.

Wordpress App for Android

WordPress App for Android

It’s very feature-packed, with the latest version offering full integration with other apps, letting you spin content and send it directly to the app for easy updating.

5. Flickr

This Flickr app lets you capture photos from within the app and comes complete with a set of filters, so you can hipsterise your life with ease.



It supports sharing with Twitter and Facebook as well, so your other, non-photo-nerd friends can enjoy the results of today’s snapping session.


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