Top 3 free android games of the day

The gaming world of the android os is expanding constantly and so is the gaming trend. Now with Cloud Gaming becoming widely popular which in turn has enabled cheaper and faster tablets coming our way. We at Tablet Blog always strive to provide you the updated reviews on the latest games available at the google play store for free.

More Android Games

Top 3 Android Games

Here’s the updated list of our Top 3 Android games that will keep you busy when you really have nothing to do:

Sprinkle Free

This is one of the most popular games in the Android market. With over 3,000 gamers voting up for this. This is a game that will actually have you’re fingers tempted to move all the way over the tablet screen. So are you ready to aim and squirt on everything coming your way to put off the fire around?

Sprinkle Free


This game uses some of the most realistic water physics that’s ever seen on an Android device till date. The player should use a water cannon mounted on a crane and should adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fire and move the obstacles on your way. But be careful squirting, you might run out of water. Remember the lesser the water you use the more drops you earn.

Download Sprinkle Free and Enjoy and Keep Squirting!

Paper Toss

The most casual game ever has now hit the Android market or the Google Play Store. Are you waiting for your girlfriend? Are you really bored and crumpled up that piece of tissue paper in front of you at the coffee table and aiming at the dustbin, and now wondering what the people around you at the coffee shop might think. Then go for this one.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss

This is exactly what you need and Backflip Studios are happy to say that they have made it to the Android platform just for you. This is the most hilarious and amazing game ever i believe. Graphics are really good, with 6 varied levels of difficulty and varying speed from the fan impact the flight of the paper you toss.

Download Paper Toss for Android here. This sure is to keep you going on and on.

Fruit Ninja

Had a crucifying day with your boss? Satisfy your desire to chop everything off your mind once you get back home from a hectic day at work. This game is sure to satisfy the carnage in your mind with a squishy and splashy graphics.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Swipe your screen to slash the delicious fruit like a true ninja warrior. This game is a very addictive one and will keep you coming back for more scores.

Download Fruit Ninja for Android.

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Come on and become a pro slasher with your new tablet.


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