Top 5 free android games for today

Its time to find out about the new free games in the android market here at Tablet Blog. Follow the list of free games and you are sure to keep yourself busy by the tablet you bought for yourself. I’m sure you would never want to share it with even your close ones.

Pumpkins Vs Monsters

Top Rate Android Games

So without wasting much time lets hit on it straight:

1. Pumpkins Vs Monsters

With very simple controls and graphics this game is all set to revive your haunting instinct from within. This midnight drama begins with the monsters waking up to hit on those homes where all of us are sleeping to glory.

Pumpkins Vs Monsters

Pumpkins Vs Monsters

There come our Pumpkin Heroes for our help. Just pick up the pumpkins and throw at the monsters. Simple yet addictive game.

This scores a top rating for todays pick. Download this action packed game here.

2. Cut The Rope Free

The little cute monster is waiting to eat the candies in the mystery package. So whats your job? Your job here today is to cut the ropes of  the mystery box and pop the candies into the mouth of these little monsters.

Cut the Rope Free

Cut the Rope Free

Very innovative and realistic gameplay mechanics and physics makes this one of the editors choice for today.

Download this free version of Cut the Rope game here.

3. Fishin’ 2 Go (LITE)

This lite and zippy game is sure to re-energize you. Want to learn fishing? No matter you are a pro or just a beginner this game is sure to keep you attached to your tablet all day. Talking about this free version its best suited if you havent tried fishing in your life AT ALL. This game is just for you and for all those who are pro-fishers, I would advice you to buy the paid version of this as its all about records and skill levels isn’t it?

Fishin'2 Go Lite

Fishin’2 Go (LITE)

This game  is sure to give you the exact experience of fishing as it has the same movements to make the game work as if you were fishing in real.

Download the free version today.

4. Bouncy Mouse

This new fun shot is just an adorable and irresistible piece of cake. Wondering why I’m calling it a cake? Well, this game that I came across today is one of its kind. For a game devotee with a never ending thirst of gaming in his/her tablet, this is a much needed one.

Bouncy Mouse

Bouncy Mouse

Help the Bouncy little mouse to eat her cheese and show the cat boos who actually is the boss.  Very simple but addictive features.

Download Now.

5. Bobby Riddles Free

This game is truly a babies game. The only reason for me to showcase this game is because this one truly reminded me of the teachers in my classroom. While this is a game only for improving the development of your child, you can indulge in your child’s play and make sure to be his hero.

Bobby Riddles Free

Bobby Riddles Free

Lots of puzzles to solve and user firendly interface makes it more suitable for children to improve on their technological aspects of learning.

Download this game here.


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