Free online android games: Zoo Story

This week do whatever you thought in your dreams for real! From having a cute little pup to raring a snow leopard. From making a cute little home for your own cuddly panda to digging a lake for crocodiles. You think I’m joking?

Zoo Story

Zoo Story

Well, I’m talking about this new game that I came across.The Zoo Story. This is my suggested game for all the lazy tablet buddies.You can have your own set of animals in your zoo, build their theme park attractions, tasty and delicious bite areas, etc. You can even raise a leopard cub and decorate a zoo for your own.

Zoo Story

Zoo Story

You can even have your hands on magical creatures like the Unicorns which you might have only heard of in your grandma’s tales. Simple graphics, very user friendly interface. Although its an Online game is game has got me stuck for a while now.

A complete way to kill time with at home or anywhere with your tablet’s Wi-Fi. Download and Enjoy.


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