Great Android game absolutely free on Google market : Sea Stars

A colourful and complete time kill game is here at the android market place. This game is the Sea Stars. A very adorable game with cute charecters and lovely cartoons.

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Sea Stars

Dive deep into the abyss to find friendly underwater fishes and swim through a sea full of coins, but be careful about the underwater dangers. As you go deeper you can swim get more speed and jump up with a thrust from water to somersault.

Find undiscovered treasures and swim through the cities that sunk long long time ago. Lovely weekend game I enjoyed. Good gameplay and attractive graphics makes this game more addictive.

Download now and enjoy.


Best free android bubble game: Bubble Pop Plus!

One reason for me to choose this game today is its incredibly amazing graphics and physics. Hello and welcome to the world of games with me.

Bubble Pop Plus

Bubble Pop Plus

I was late submitting this article of free games today because I was wondering of all the games that I have spoken about in the past few days of interaction with all of you I haven’t spoken about the one favorite game of mine. The Bubble Pop Plus.

Inspite of the same concept of shooting the bubbles, this game has got me glued into my device. Unlike the other bubble games this game has got extremely high quality of HD graphics, fresh new design for the bubbles, well designed levels letting you have the fun even if you are not a pro.

So download and enjoy this game for today.