Top free android game of the day: Farm Invasion USA

Imagine an alien hunting for corn! Huh! Now its time to protect our fields from Alien attack with your old corn chopper and tinkered arsenal to get the hunger out of the attackers.

Farm Invasion USA

Farm Invasion USA

A day of peace in Texas is spoilt by the redneck pops trying to attack the corn fields with their flying objects. They want to make popcorns out of the corns that are just harvested by frying them fresh. Continue reading


7 Inch tablets

Are you fascinated with this new word tablet nowdays. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas produced a lot of Tablet News, especially in the 7 inch tablets arena. A host of different companies promising to the 7 inch form factor.

The BaSlate 7R

7 Inch Tablet

With the early success of some of the noticable brand tablet manufacturers almost every brand stooped into this 7 inch fray. Continue reading